Freedom to do what I want, when I want.

No job..

No boss..

Nobody telling me what to do..

I couldn’t stand commuting every day, sitting in traffic..

Being stuck in the same salary with a measly raise MAYBE once a year.

I hated having a job.

Since 2012 I had started discovering the wide possibilities of being able to make a living online.

Of all the things I tried the biggest that I had the most success with was actually helping small business owners with marketing.

Sounds simple, right?

When I was working in this eCommerce role I decided to spend my nights seeking out businesses that needed help.

I’d still be gaming, don’t get me wrong.

Thing was is I didn’t use all of my extra free time to game (Like Tom would do)

You see, most people live life when their 9-5 job ends.

They go home after a long day at work, eat dinner, watch Netflix, play video games.. whatever it is.

I decided to start using my nights and weekends to build a business, a side hustle if you will.

The Opportunity

Think of every time you go online and search on Google, let’s say you are looking for a local gym.

Google shows what most marketer’s call “The 3 Pack

It looks something like this:

Businesses bring in a lot of new clients from showing up high in these listings.

You do any searches like this on Google lately?

Well you most likely stopped and checked out one of the businesses that showed up in the top 3.

There are literally endless numbers of businesses that need help showing up there ahead of their competitors.

Want to know the best part?

Businesses pay me thousands of dollars every month to have me help them rank in the top 3.

So what in the world does this have to do with video games?

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