In 2014 I was at my wit’s end.

I had taken a job making 50k/year for an eCommerce company that sold violins.

Not exactly exciting stuff..

My role was “eCommerce Manager” in which I replaced a guy who’d been a superstar employee that had been with the company for 5+ years.

It was definitely intimidating at first but as weeks went by I realized my actual job role was something my boss nor any other employees knew a whole lot about.

I came into the role excited, full of ideas and even landed a big meeting with the CEO of the company to present my thoughts on improvements.

I’d always considered myself a very motivated individual in the right circumstances.

The company had lots of problems with the online shopping experience for it’s users.

I wanted to fix them.

You know, make the company more money and ultimately see my changes take the company to new heights.

The CEO ended up rejecting my ideas and sticking with an old stale custom built platform that hardly got them by.

(apparently he had paid programmers thousands for this custom platform)

Meet Tom

While working in this position I had a fellow co-worker, we will just call him Tom 🙂

On the outside he seemed like a pretty average dude.

Late 20’s, married, rented an apartment with his wife, worked his 9-5, went home on the nights and weekends and played video games in his free time.

This was our common interest.

We both talked about video games all the time while working together.

He got excited when the new Super Smash Bros. for Wii U came out.

Mere weeks later going through the same excitement when Middle Earth: Shadow Of War came out on Xbox One.

I was excited about new game releases too

(I even played Middle Earth: Shadow Of War on launch myself and loved it)

Despite our mutual passion for video games there were some key critical differences between Tom & I.

While Tom was living your typical late 20’s, graduated from college, get a job life he had some real issues.

He had been stuck in the same dead end job without any raises for 6 years..

(Yup, I’ve been here too)

Tom went out and ate fast food near daily..

(Five guy’s anyone?)

Tom was not motivated by anything..

(In his mind he accepted what he had and life was the way it was)

Tom was constantly complaining about being depressed near daily..

(I wonder why?)

Yet.. it seemed like he was just living life the way we were “supposed to“.

You know.. get a job, get married, go to work every day, do some fun stuff on the weekends..

Rinse and repeat? 

Tom was missing one key thing I knew I could achieve…

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